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Kitchen Equipment For Hotels

Your restaurant equipment list is a crucial piece of planning your new venture, and it'll help you build out the expenses section of your restaurant business plan. For guidance on creating a business plan, check out the template below.

List of Kitchen Equipments for hotels 

Cutting Board, kitchen Knife, Measuring Spoons, Mixing Bowls, Colander, Kitchen Pan, Blender, Food Storage Containers, Kitchen sink, Oven Mitts, Dish Rack, Splatter Guard, Ladle, Spatula, Stockpot etc

1. Ovens    

  • Convection ovens
  • Combination ovens
  • Pizza ovens
  • Conveyor ovens

2. Ranges and ventilation    

  • Gas ranges    
  • Electric ranges    
  • Ventilation

3. Food processors    

  • Batch bowl processors
  • Continuous feed food processors    
  • Buffalo choppers    

4. Mixers    

  • Hand mixers    
  • Countertop mixers    
  • Floor mixers    

5. Slicers    

6. Food prep counters and cutting boards    

7. Freezers and refrigerators    

8. Safety equipment    

9. Storage racks and shelving    

10. Restaurant kitchen supplies

11. Servingware

12. Storage containers

13. Sinks

  • Compartment sinks    
  • Bar sinks    
  • Disposal sinks    
  • Drop-in units    
  • Handwashing sinks    
  • Mop sinks    
  • Portable sinks    

14. Kitchen Display System (KDS)    

15. Point of sale system (POS)    

16. Steam tables 

17. Washing equipment    

18. Sharpening stones

19. Microwave    

20. Ice makers

21. Gas or electric grill

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